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The documentation for The Chatterbox Corner is right here.

Project Plan

The Chatterbox Corner

The Chatterbox Corner is a ‘recycleables’ themed project that will unite people and stirr up conversation through the aid of a cozy corner explained below.
“Why Things Matter” was all about how robots or blogjects do something, they tell us things that they “find” out on their own. We don’t do a single thing except program them and turn them on.
My original idea was to move away from blogjects and do something completely opposite. I did some research into recycled lamps and I really liked the idea but it didn’t fit into how it would be the opposite of a blogject. So, in my first response I mentioned the fact that we’ve begun to forget how to talk to each other properly and be social. We rely heavily on our computers or cellphones for any type of communication even something as simple as “I forgot to tell you this so I’m going to email it to you instead of waiting a day and having this discussion face to face.”
I’m a victim of this as well and growing up in a social environment where people only rely on those types of communications for work or overseas projects, I’ve really come to be against it myself.
I’ve always been told I’m the crazy chatterbox type and I think people need opportunities like these to be crazy chatterboxes and get to know others a little more verbally.

My new idea is to create a “Chatterbox Corner” where I will make a “snake love-seat” out of recycled fabric and clothes with stuffing in it. It will be placed in a corner with a sign underneath [“The Chatterbox Corner” ] that says “No cellphone or computers allowed”. This is inspired by brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana’s Boa sofa, as well as Starbucks. Starbucks with the couches and the nice big spaces, not the ones downtown where you zip in and out and stare everyone down. I love the big spacy Starbucks because it is the best place to be a chatterbox and hang out with your friends.
I will also have a little recycled table with candy or some type of snack because I love to bake and cook and I truly believe it is the best icebreaker. Food brings people together and it is universal.
My whole idea is to create a cozy space where people have to be stuck together and talk. Adding food into the mix is even better because it allows for conversation to start somewhere.

I am fully disabled at drawing and even more at XYZ-environment drawings so I’m going to be posting pictures and trial sketches below (I’ll try my best to make my sketches look realistic…!).

Boa Sofa by Fernando and Humberto Campana

Chatterbox Corner Sketch


David Edgar
Shimmering Red Runner + Green Fiesta Jellyfish Lamp + Plastiquarium
He uses plastic bottles and detergent bottles to create plastic objects, like fish, aquariums, lamps etc. It relates to what I’m thinking of doing for  my project. I want to make a recycled lamp, but I like his lamp-animals.

Aurora Robson
She uses plastic bottles and prevents them from entering our landfills and oceans. She creates organic sculptures and installations that hint at sea life and space. She also uses recycled paper as a medium.

Caroline Saul
Bulbous Bowl
She created a series called “Bulbous forms” made of melted, reformed and stained plastic materials. The Bulbous Bowl is a great inspiration for my recycled lamps.

Stuart Haygarth
He collects everything from plastic cups to old glass lenses and transforms them into useful and stunning objects – mainly chandeliers and lamps.

Miwa Koizumi
PET Project
She uses liquid containers to make water animals (like jellyfish etc).  She uses PET* for them.
*”PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is in fact very natural, it is made from oil, which comes from really old plants. PET is highly recyclable can be transformed again and again to un-imagined uses.”


First Response

After reading “Why Things Matter”, I wasn’t too enthused with it. I liked some of the ideas that come with blogjects and “robots”, like the Pigeon That Blogs. I think it’s useful and interesting for research purposes and helping the world. I felt like the author’s point of view was very Artificial Intelligence (yes the movie!!) and his fascination with it kind of upset me because I know alot of people believe in it. I found it upsetting that people would want to destroy human contact and connection even further. I love technology but for useful purposes and even though I’m fully gadgeted (and basically live on google) I have now left my facebook and other forms of social media completely unattended because it destroys the essential part of life – human interaction. I find that people don’t even know how to properly talk in person anymore, they rely on emails, texting (whatever else) to say something simple. 
So my ideas for a project will likely not involve robotics. After being extremely disappointed with my past robot that I loved so much and tried so hard, I’m over it. Any chance to be away from robots, I will take it. Plus a month is NOT enough time to create something (in my opinion, anyway).
I don’t have fixed ideas yet, so they’re mouldable but I’d like to do something with recycled ‘goods’.  As I was mentioning before, I feel like people are now losing touch with things that are essential, so therefore no robots are going to be involved in my project (that’s one thing I’m certain of!) and so I’m using recycling as my “theme” (basically the opposite of robotics, in my opinion).
Three things that I thought of that could be user-interactive and cool are (note: I would making them myself…):
-funky checkers/chess made with recycled cardboard or made of wood with odd pieces. so the viewers would be able to play with it/against each other.
-recycling paper or cardboard lamp with holes so when it lights up designs are illuminated.
– a pair of old jeans where you can bedazzle, ruin, write on etc. but the point would be to make it look “lovely” because many women struggle with loving certain parts of their bodies (especially when it comes to jeans!).



– using something like a pizza box, I can make a retro-esque chess board. Using dice, rings or even unique figurines for the pieces.



– lamp made with cardboard, poked in to make a design light up when lightbulb is turned on.
Note: this is not the design I’m going to use. I’m simply illustrating my idea.






– lamp idea to be made with recyclables and to have the designs already made by the recycables instead of being poked in. But colourful and completely different from this.


– I like the colours and the dangly things on this one, so I’d incorporate the colours and possibly the “danglies” into the recyclable lamp (up top).






– the idea would be to set up a “station” with paints, glitter, bedazzles etc., and then have the jeans cut up (front and back) and staple/hang it to something solid and have the title LOVE-ME JEANS above it and the instructions on the side.

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